„Over 25 years of experience and successful market leader.“

ARMAR AG was founded in 1986 as a joint-stock company with the aim to produce and sell chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

During the first years we established the trade with NMR-solvents, which primarily came from the “Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR” (Science Academy of the GDR) in Leipzig .
Gradually, the production of NMR-solvents and deuterated products was taken up in our own laboratories in Döttingen (Switzerland).

To achieve synergies, we then took NMR-tubes into our range.
Further product ranges, like the production of thermo-sensitive lacquers and decoating solvents for serigraphy, cosmetic products and various fine chemicals have been added to our sales program.

For the benefit of the isotope chemistry all other activities have been knocked off or rejected in the last few years. Isotope chemicals now make about 95 % of our annual turnover.

In 2006 we became a partner of the company DeuChem GmbH in Leipzig (Germany), which derived from the „Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR“.
Beginning of December 2009 DeuChem GmbH changed his company name to ARMAR (Europa) GmbH.

In May 2010 we received the official distributer rights from Wilmad-LabGlass USA for NMR- and EPR-products.

25 Years Birthday. ARMAR AG is celebrating in 2011 the jubilee. To continue our successful way of business, we took a new NMR-Spectrometer BRUKER Avance III  300 MHz on field.