Zeochem AG acquire ARMAR AG

Zeochem AG acquire the assets from ARMAR AG by March 1st., 2018. For further information, please check the below listed link. News

Richard R. Ernst Lecture 2017

ARMAR AG is a sponsor of the Richard R. Ernst Lecture 2017. Please follow the link to get more information about this lecture at ETH Zurich: Lecture 2017 (April 2017)  

New box for ampoules

  ARMAR AG changed the box for ampoules. The new one looks much more shaply and is primarily so easy and save to handle. We use it for the following quantities: 10 x 0.5 ml 10 x 0.6 ml 10 x 0.75 ml 10 x 1 ml Since mid of February, we utilize it for all new prepacking processes. Previous filling processes […]

Deuterium oxide, special BULK prices

We offer special BULK-prices for Deuterium oxide  99.88 Atom%D (Cat-No: 014100.2065).  quantity packaging price in CHF  1 L (1.110 kg)  1 L glass bottle  600 / L  10 L (11.100 kg)  10 x 1 L glass bottles  550 / L  30 L (33.300 kg)  30 L stainless steel drum  450 / L This offer is […]

New designed web shop

We have a new designed web shop. The most important changes are the login and administration sections. Additional, you can reactivate past orders, as all your orders are archived. As next step, we will list the products much more user-friendly. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or inputs. (November 2014)

New contact details – ARMAR (Europa) GmbH

ARMAR (Europa) GmbH in Leipzig (Germany) has new phone and fax numbers. phone: +49 341 5295 183 fax: +49 341 5295 182 (August 2014)


Since several weeks, we have a distributor for the Norwegian Market. The company Teknolab AS is since over 30 years active in the field of chromatography and spectroscopy. You will find the address and contact details in section “CONTACT” – “RESELLER”. (May 2014)

Worldwide shortage

There’s a worldwide shortage of Lithium aluminium deuteride (Cat-No: 045000.2026 & 045000.2031), Lithium deuteride (Cat-No: 045400.2026) 1,4-Dioxane-d8 (Cat-No: 014200.0010 & 014200.0030). Never the less, we have still a few items available (suspect to prior sale). (May 2014)

50% sale

We grant a special discount of 50% on selected NMR products. All of them are listed in the ARMAR – SHOP, section “50%  SALE”. (January 2014)